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HMTV is an advert-free streaming service for those who enjoy all manner of historical machinery and other cool stuff, particularly those machines that turn fuel into loud noise!

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Preserving Audiovisual History

Our mission statement is to discover, record and preserve the audiovisual history of the aircraft, machines and people we come across, and to do it while we can — because often you only get one chance to record history as it's happening. We're passionate about the machines (and topics) we film, so the material we produce is for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts! Join us on this awesome journey, and enjoy lots of video material of aircraft and machinery you've not previously seen.

What's so special about HMTV?

We've been filming The Vintage Aviator Collection's WW1 aircraft for almost two decades, and have also spent a great deal of that time filming other vintage aircraft. We have a huge volume of historic aircraft video footage that we're pulling from our archives and elsewhere and releasing on HMTV as we grow.

Additionally we're interested in all sorts of other stuff—cars, other aircraft, trains, history, military vehicles, fast boats—and we love to share our interests with other people. Let us entertain you with a variety of material, not just a single topic or genre!

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​​“I love getting your video emails every Sunday afternoon. Keep up the good work.”

Senior Royal New Zealand Air Force officer

In Person

"What you guys are doing is great. You're recording such a great variety of historical stuff and we need to capture this material now, while it's still here."

Tony Haycock, ex Classic Driver Magazine Editor (NZ Edition)

In Person

This (Fokker Triplane video) is amazing !!! Thanks for sharing...

Tim B.

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<p><span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);" >Senior Royal New Zealand Air Force officer</span></p>, <p>In Person</p>
<p><span style="color: #000000fa;" >Tony Haycock, ex Classic Driver Magazine Editor (NZ Edition)</span></p>, <p>In Person</p>
<p>Tim B.</p>, <p><span style="color: #000000e6;" >On Facebook</span></p>

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BONUS: Click here for a FREE copy of the Classic Fighters Marlborough (Vol 01) PDF eBook.

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